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All About Facebook.

All About Facebook.

There are many social media outlets out there these days, and it seems like every time we log onto our computer another way to network and socialize online is starting up.  There is almost no way to know what the first was, or how many more there will be.   And picking a favorite is really personal preference for what you want to use the platform for.

Go Be Social Media is going to help navigate these and figure out what networks would benefit you as a brand and as a person.  Because social networks are created by some of the most innovative minds in the world, they are constantly evolving.  As these changes come about the pro’s and con’s to each may change, but you’re in luck because you already have your finger on the pulse of social media by being here, and by liking Go Be Social Media on Facebook and following Go Be Social Media on Twitter.

We will start this off with Facebook, with all of it’s changing and evolving it is still one of the most wildly popular social networks out there.  The momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and many people and brands still find Facebook as the best way to network and share.  But why?

Facebook allows conversations to happen quickly and where ever people are.  Anyone

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with a smart phone, tablet or computer with internet can access Facebook and easily navigate around the site.  The age demographic for Facebook is broad, and in this day and age almost everyone you know has a Facebook page.  On a professional brand/company level this allows information and conversation to happen immediately.  Word can spread with a push of a button of a promotion, giveaway, policy change, or major news.  Ask the community of fans a question and answers can roll in instantly, and those giving answers can branch off and a whole conversation can take off.  This can give insight to what the consumer is thinking, a unique touch that most other social networks can’t quite match.  The ability to like a comment means that even someone who is just nodding along and would typically keep quiet can put in their two cents.  This conversation among Facebook followers can be such an asset, but it doesn’t come with out risk.  If a company policy changes and the reaction is negative it can ignite a wildfire of comments and it is nearly impossible to control.  This is something that has to be weighed depending on what sort of information you will be sharing, and how you handle the sharing of that information.

You can easily pool images in one spot for easy viewing of your Facebook followers and fans.  Images from an event, of a new product, of charity work, a booth at a convention, a conference.  They can all easily be organized and shared, giving your followers a view into your brand that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

With the new timeline that Facebook has rolled out followers will be able to easily go back and look through the history and evolution of your brand.  This can be a double edged sword if your brand stumbled and had a major flub along the way, because depending on what it was it can turn a potential consumer or reader away.  But this can also allow a follower to relate more and some mistakes look endearing when they were mistakes that a lesson was learned from.

With Facebook it is very important to keep it up.  Letting a Facebook page sit dormant for weeks or months means that your follower has completely forgotten about you. It is rare that someone will sit on Facebook and look at pages they have liked in the past, more often than not the only way to keep yourself in the front of their mind is to be in their news feed.  At least a few updates a week will help keep people involved and interacting with you.  There is no gimmick to it, just use it!

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