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The Benefit of SEO

The Benefit of SEO

SEO has a bad reputation among marketers and businesses. It’s not an exact science, it’s not something that can be explained in 90 seconds or less, and it’s something that takes skill to work with and around. But SEO is vital for most internet users, and we’d like to talk about why.


Let’s remember the nitty gritty of what SEO even means, Search Engine Optimization.  It is  a complex, always changing, necessary evil if you want your website or business to be found by internet users.

How can it be good? Why is something so complex and evolving good for the average internet user?

The point of Google is to make the searcher happy.  Google’s main focus when it comes to the search engine is to get a searcher to the result they’re likely to be the most happy with as quickly as possible.

So what exactly is the benefit for your business?

We all know Google isn’t actually a person that’s been to your store or website. But SEO as an algorithm allows Google to find you and offer your site up to a potential customer/client/patient if your site seems to be the best fit for the searcher. This means that key words, tags, coding, content and descriptions should all be finessed and worked with to offer the Google algorithm everything it needs to make your site the one the searcher finds.

SEO is also a cost effective part of your marketing – by having your SEO professionally handled and done properly you will have an edge to reach the people that are specifically trying to find what you are offering.  It’s a marketing tool often missed but that can bring an incredible edge to your company.

Another huge benefit of SEO is that a huge aspect of it includes usability of your website. An SEO expert can increase the ease of use of your website – allowing anyone who visits your website from any other marketing campaign or outlet to find what you have to offer easily and clearly.

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