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How to Brand Your Instagram Feed.

How to Brand Your Instagram Feed.


With over 600 million users on Instagram, let’s take a look on how your feed can stand out from the crowd and maintain a proper brand consistency.  


  • Make sure you know exactly what your brand is: Whether you are a small business, blog or organization, you should know exactly what your brand is. Take a look at your brand’s personality. What are its values? For example, is your brand adventurous? Playful? Whatever your brand might be, make sure this is reflected in your photos. It is important to have an Instagram feed that reflects the image and purpose of your brand as it creates uniformity.


  • Determine your target audience: Your Instagram feed should be keeping your current customers and attracting new customers, so you should be posting photos appealing to them without breaking your brand consistency. To do this, try getting to know your target audience. What do they like to see? What is some of their favorite products of yours? What services do they like of yours? What do they love most about your brand? Then reflect those answers in your Instagram feed.


  • Tell a story with each post: With every post, tell a story! Your customers want to connect on an emotional and personal level. The more compelling you are with your story, the less it feels like you are just selling them something.


  • Choose a color palette, feel or filter: This one is important. Instagram is all visual, as you can only post videos and photos. To keep a brand consistency, choose a color scheme. The easiest way to do this is to keep the same filter on all your posts or edit all your photos and videos they same way. It’s important to choose a color palette that represents your brand’s core values.


  • Get creative with your content: If you post just your product over and over, your customers are going to get bored. Take detailed shots to showcase your products in unique and interesting ways. This will keep your customers intrigued. These posts can even encourage your customers to recreate your vision with a product they purchased and feature it on their personal page for their followers to see. Which is organically growing your business and may increase sales.


Here are a few examples of accounts that you should take a look at the represent great brand consistency.

  • @tacobell
  • @nike
  • @redbull
  • @gopro

So are you ready to refresh your Instagram?

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