Online marketing and social media is our passion.

We work with you to come up with creative ideas to promote your business. We make them happen. Executing your social media campaigns, event marketing, video production, social media promotions, social media contests and making your ideas come to life is what we love to do. We only succeed when your business succeeds.

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Of course we tweet for you!

Of course we tweet for you!

There’s one thing we feel strongly about and it’s the fact that self-promotion is a difficult marketing aspect to balance.  We believe that every online outlet deserves the planning and professionalism that comes from a social media team.


The Go Be Social Media team works together with you to have a unified social media plan that includes a voice and tone just right for your business or brand.

In this era of marketing and communication between brands and their customers/audience we think social media is a company’s public persona, their marketing, and the first line of customer service many people turn to when trying to solve problems or give complaints (and compliments). Social media is your brand’s zone defense – and we pride ourselves at being creative and skilled enough to not only be a consistent voice but also go above and beyond to give your audience the best service on behalf of you. It’s called reputation management. When it comes to your social media, you need a social media expert managing your brand.

One of the things we discuss often is how the person who has put their blood, sweat, and tears in to building a brand or company isn’t always the best fit to handle the social media aspect of what they’ve build. Why? Because for them, it’s personal.  A simple complaint or criticism will be taken personally and their reaction might not be the one that is most beneficial for the brand.  This part of customer service is best handled by someone who believes in you and your company and wants it to succeed, but isn’t so close to it that they mishandle audience questions, criticisms, or even compliments.

We specialize in helping to build relationships between brands and their audience. Part of what makes using a social media company to handle Twitter and it’s engagement is knowing that you’re able to reap the benefits of our relationship building abilities while keeping your focus on building your business.

A professional and experienced full service social media company will save you time by handling all your social media engagement and needs.  If you’re looking for a company and they ask you to provide all their content – and they aren’t spending time creating content for you you’ll soon find that you aren’t saving time after all. But that’s not what we do – we get your companies basic info, we build a relationship with you as our client, and we create content in the voice that fits your company.

There have been cases in the past where a social media team has mistakenly tweeted from the wrong account – human error happens. It famously happened to the Red Cross and Chrysler, an employee sent a tweet from a corporate account meant to be sent from a private account.  There are many ways to bi-pass this kind of mistake, and most social media companies now take steps to insure that this doesn’t happen with clients.  We use software and apps separate from any of our private accounts – because the trust of our clients is of high priority to us.
One of our core beliefs as a business is that we will always go above and beyond to handle all our clients social media in such a way that benefits them in every way possible. We also believe that picking and choosing and allowing a social media company to handle some outlets but not others can cause brand confusion and mixed messages.
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