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Do You Have What it Takes to Work for a Social Media Company?

Do You Have What it Takes to Work for a Social Media Company?

In 2015 marketing isn’t what it once was – you can binge watch Mad Men and see how advertising and marketing used to run. It used to take months to strategize and mock up an ad and marketing campaign, and then the cost and time investment of implementing and creating was massive.  But that was decades ago and things run at a pace so fast that by the time Don Draper finished his post-lunch drink it is time to move on to the next campaign.

Working for a social media company

Things move fast, the industry is highly competitive, and only the best of the best get noticed in a market where everyone is trying to get the attention of your target audience.  Because so much has changed what it takes to work at a social media marketing company has changed vastly in just the last few years.  Let’s paint a picture of the ideal candidate for an account manager at Go Be Social Media.



We don’t just mean you can walk and talk at the same time. We mean you can walk and talk while thinking about next month’s campaign and tweeting a reply back to a follower wanting to know how to order your clients product from Australia.  In most jobs an inability to focus on one singular task to completion is a negative – but in many ways that is a positive skill set that can help you blossom in this field!


Excellent at Twitter (and Instagram!)

Facebook is a good strong base for social media – but what we’ve learned in recent years is if you get Twitter and can rock it you have the right speed to balance multiple social media accounts at once.  It means you tweet regularly and can get a point across in less than 140 characters – and you are comfortable with the speed that twitter regularly throws out at you.  You get bonus points if you’re also an Instagram rock star!  Having an eye for trends and always browsing through photos gives you a better idea of what styles and typography are becoming hot (and which are quickly getting outdated!) and such simple information can give you an edge in knowing what works and what will get noticed across all platforms.



Not only does a job in social media usually require your time to be quite flexible but also your ideas. It’s easy to fall in love with a campaign you have in mind for a client – you can easily see how successful it would be and how it would draw in attention for a target demographic. But then the client has another idea completely – and you have make adjustments. If you can’t be flexible and willing to make quick and effective changes to keep the client happy while still executing a great campaign you will find yourself burnt out in this field quite easily. Sometimes this kind of flexibility is what draws people in to this career – the challenge and the push to make something work can be what makes certain personalities excel.


Great Communicator

In order to thrive in this market you must be able to quickly and clearly communicate to a team of people on the phone, in email, and text.  Social media marketers are busy people – and if you are trying to brainstorm a campaign or idea with your team you need to be able to do it clearly and quickly.  In our experience anyone good at Twitter generally doesn’t have a problem with communication – they’ve mastered the ability to say something quickly and to the point!


BONUS: Link! Link! Link!

If you’re applying to work for a social media marketing company the best thing you can do is have hyperlinked links to your Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and website (as applicable) included in your digital resume or included in your email application.  Having a strong online presence is a benefit in this field and showing your influence is more likely to help you land the job of your dreams with a marketing firm (especially ours!)

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