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Does Social Media Help With SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )?

Does Social Media Help With SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )?


The debate about whether social media directly affects SEO is a long running one, and the extent of the effect of social media on SEO is relatively unknown. One thing that we do know, however, is that social media can’t and shouldn’t be ignored when working on getting your website noticed online by search engines.

There are a number of ways that social media can indirectly affect your SEO:

Social Shares

Your social media output is a great way of forming links. If you put out a great piece of content which ends up being shared across social media, your content will be deemed as more credible, and help to boost your SEO.


The more links that a page on your website has, the quicker the search engines index your content in their rankings. So if your content is continuously being tweeted or shared on Facebook, the quicker your content will appear on a Google search, for example.


The basic rule is this; the more quality followers or friends that you have on social media, the higher you will be ranked in that all important Google search. You need to make sure that your followers are quality, however, as Google doesn’t like accounts which are made up just to boost the numbers.


We all know about the importance of keywords. By putting out content which uses keywords in a natural way, you will boost both your find-ability in the social media search function as well as Google.

Be Seen

One of the most important factors to get traffic to your website is to be seen. If you are being seen, and provide links to your website, you are creating your own SEO. Social media is an ideal platform to be seen, and to be seen by the right people.

Social media and SEO are more closely linked than most people realize, and this is why no business can afford to ignore social media. By putting out the right content in the right way, you can really reap the benefits that social media has to offer.


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