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How to Participate in a #TwitterChat?

How to Participate in a #TwitterChat?

What is a Twitter chat?


Twitter chats are a fun and exciting way for twitter users all across the world to connect and talk with each other. You will meet at a predetermined time to discuss a certain topic by using a specific hashtag. The host of the chat will post questions following the certain hashtag so everyone in the chat will see the tweet. It’s key that you use the hashtag after every tweet otherwise your tweet will go into twitter space.


How do you join a chat?


  • Find out what the hashtag is for your specific chat.
  • Find out what time you are meeting and who the “host” is.
  • Before starting the chat, let your followers know so they do not get spam from you on their twitter feed. Send out a tweet to give them a heads up.
  • Start chatting! But remember to always include the hashtag.
  • Answer questions from the host.
  • Post pictures and stay connected.
  • Stay on topic and usually, depending on the chat, it is never OK to promote your own products.
  • Have fun and give love in retweets and follows.


Twitter chats are a great way for new business owners to get involved with other business owners. Trying to get your name out there? Participate in a Twitter chat soon.

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