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MatchCut App Review

MatchCut App Review

With so many photo and video editing apps to choose from, how do you really know which ones you like unless you download them and give them a try? I didn’t know what to expect when I downloaded the free, MatchCut, app. But I must say after giving it a try I was pleasantly surprised as to the ease of making a edited video set to music.

In three easy steps, you can create a great 30 second compilation of your videos set to the one of the many options of original music. Using some old footage of my dog at the park playing fetch, I selected the 5 videos I had taken earlier this summer. Next I selected one of the many musical options that fit best. Once videos and music are selected, you hit next button and just like that I have a wonderful edited 30 second video of Kadan playing fetch in the park.

The app gives you the option to save all of your videos and also allows you to browse through other videos people have created to help you get inspired. Once you have completed your video, you can upload directly to youtube or simply text or email your video to whomever you choose to share it with. I will warn you that the app is so easy to use that it starts to become a little addicting.

Here is a video, I like to call “The Fetch”, I created using the MatchCut app. I hope you enjoy!


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