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How Your Non-Profit Organization Can Use Social Media

How Your Non-Profit Organization Can Use Social Media

Here at Go Be Social Media, we talk a lot about brands going to where their audience is. In this age of technology, there’s a very good chance that the audience is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among other social media platforms. Non-Profit Organizations especially have been slow to adapt to this changing age of marketing, even though the NPOs that have embraced social media marketing have been very successful. Because we represent companies and brands of all types, we have outlined a few ways that NPOs can benefit from the use of social media.



Many NPOs still cling to email and website marketing practices. The problem with this is that these methods reach a very limited audience. By sharing your story and your mission via social media, you can create a sense of attachment for people that otherwise would have never heard of you. These platforms are great for sharing blog posts, infographics, and even information that will in turn be shared by others and will greatly expand your reach.


Since you’re expanding your audience, you can create a whole new pool of volunteers and advocates for your cause. It costs nothing for one person to click “LIKE” or “RETWEET”. Since manpower and funds are often the two things that NPOs need the most, it’s vital that organizations go to where the people are.


Regardless of their mission, the number one goal of most NPOs is to raise funds. Gone are the days of telethons and mail-in donations. Fundraising, like everything else these days, needs to be fast and convenient. Donation campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can tug at the heartstrings of potential donors in a way that junk mail never could. Impulse donations based on your images and quick, succinct facts will be much more effective online since your donors don’t have to write out a check and mail it in.


The biggest mistake that many companies and brands can make on social media is using it simply as a megaphone. Sure, you need to get your information out there, but shouting at people will only go so far. Using these platforms to start conversations can help your NPO to build a community around your mission, whether it’s through individuals, other businesses or even grant making agencies, and will therefore allow you to truly advocate for your cause.

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