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Photos Can Pack a Social Media Punch

Brand Photos

Photos Can Pack a Social Media Punch

Creativity and innovation are an important part of making a social media campaign *POP*.  But if you want to catch the attention of new fans and followers it’s vital you have a visually appealing social media platform.  We want to help you get just that – so let’s discuss how to get your brand’s social media to the next level.

The first step in a visually appealing campaign is to have a set aesthetic for your brand.  When a potential fan or customer visits your social media platforms you want them to be able to identify with your feel and message quickly.  The best way to do this is to have quality photos of your product, use fonts that resonate with your message and demographic, and to be consistent with how you portray your product or service.

Brand PhotosThe second step in a visually appealing campaign is investing in product photo shoots – not just products alone but also in lifestyle/real use settings.  Social networking platforms require for visually strong accounts that draw the fan into an experience with the brand.  Having a constantly updated rotation of recent photos that apply to the current culture, time of year, and client base is the best way to insure that no matter who visits your page or account, or when they visit, they will have a clear understanding of what you offer.

The final step in a visually appealing campaign is all in how it’s executed. Having a social media team who knows your brand, your mission, your goals is the ideal way to reach your social media’s full potential.  Optimizing quality photos for a company is more than throwing up pictures into albums; timing, captions, contests, and branding are all things that must be taken in to consideration.

Have a product or service that can stand the test of time and speak for itself, just don’t forget to have photos that will spread your brand to the masses.

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