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Pinterest is one of the hottest social media tools out right now. It allows people to share ideas, posts, websites, photos and quotes with the world…with little effort. And is beginning to surpass Facebook with it’s ability to drive traffic. With just a click of a ‘repin’ a website can instantly go viral, a quote can become iconic and an idea can spark massive change. But how do you really use this site? And what do brands need to watch for when deciding to start pinning?

To give you an idea of what Pinterest is imagine all the bookmarks on your computer. Instead of having them in folders, hidden away, you have them on a bulletin board. With an image showing you what the site is, instead of just words. Now make that system social, where what you pin is viewable by others and what others pin is viewable by you. That’s a quick explanation of Pinterest.

But what you are probably wondering now is how do you really use it? It is easier than you would think. If you want to just browse around Pinterest there’s an ‘Everything’ section. Just a section of things currently being pinned and shared, you can repin these things onto boards you create, or just click through and view the website being shared. You can even create pins with recipes you find, articles you want to save, things that motivate or inspire you…it is truly limitless. Pinterest has even given you an etiquette guide so you can catch on quickly and avoid a painful learning curve!

How can a brand benefit from this new social media tool? Simple; it is another way to share the product and personality of a company or brand with the world. Is your brand light hearted and fun? Having a board with fun quotes, meme’s and cartoons can showcase a lighthearted nature of your company. Are you passionate about fitness? You can share motivational images and quotes, as well as workouts and recipes. It isn’t just about sharing your product or service, but a way to share a bit of you too; allowing customers and clients to feel a connection.

If you want to set up a Pinterest for your brand or company, but you aren’t sure where to start or find you just don’t have the time to keep up with it – let us do that for you! Go Be Social Media can set up your account, interact with other users, and populate boards that really showcase your brand!

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