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Be Present During the Holiday Season

Be Present During the Holiday Season

It’s a typical scene at holiday get togethers and parties all around the country – a room full of people with a phone in their hand.

In the age of technology we are sharing more of our lives than ever online, we post our day-to-day details on twitter, our most beautiful moments on Instagram, and the most mundane moments land on SnapChat.  Everywhere we go we see people with their head down and their phone aglow – but how much life is missed when it’s lived this way?


This holiday season everyone at Go Be Social Media wants to challenge you to something you wouldn’t expect from an online marketing company – we want you to put down your phones and tablets and BE PRESENT.  It’s not that we don’t love seeing the great moments of your life – or that we don’t enjoy being a part of each moment of your life online. Those things are the reasons we adore social media. But this holiday season we want to remind you that it’s important to be present in each moment and be conscious to make memories not just capture them with your phone.

If just being present isn’t enough of a motivation to put down your phone we have a few more reasons that might just motivate you:

Auntie Edna’s Teeth Trick This party trick is a crowd favorite for the under 8 crowd, but it’s been a few (or more) years since you’ve really embraced viewing this tradition in all it’s “only in our family” glory (Hint: It’s not just your family).

Weird Cousin Leonard’s Online Dating Saga There’s really nothing more entertaining than hearing the trails and tribulations of anyone’s dating life – in fact the weirder the better!  Sure you could SnapChat your Uncle’s one-eyed cat instead of listening – but then you’d miss the most horrific Tinder date story you’ve ever heard.

First Slice of Grandma Jean’s Pie It’s not just any pie – it’s the pie that wins every award for ever contest in the state!  For the last three years you’ve missed out on the first, amazing, succulent slice because you’ve had your thumbs tweeting away about how you don’t understand why your nieces are crowded around your Auntie Edna in her odd cat sweater.

Uncle Fred’s New (and attractive) Neighbor You go to these family gatherings with a sense of dread. Another year of fielding questions about your love life (or lack there of) – another season of trying to convince everyone you really are happy to be single and focused on yourself (again) this year. So don’t miss that “this is how we met” moment with Alex just to send another  “OH MY GOD SO BORED” Snap to your friends.

There’s so many incredible moments that can be missed when you are more focused on sharing your entire life rather than living it. So this year – put down your cell phone, grab another glass of Edna’s Egg Nog – and be present.

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