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Why Self-Marketing Can Fall Short

Why Self-Marketing Can Fall Short

When businesses start, or even as they grow, they consider all kinds of ways to promote and market themselves. After all, they think, who can speak for my brand and business better than I can?  They may start a few social media accounts, they may even get a blog up and some posts written, but these efforts are rarely as effective as they could be. But why? Why isn’t the direct voice of the company as good as that of a third party on their behalf?


Self-promotion and self-marketing can often be too “pushy”. You are so excited and in love with your company and concept that you expect that everyone else is too.  You have these great ideas that you’ve seen work for other brands and know you can do the same thing yourself without help.  But instead of coming off seamless and interesting it hangs in the air and doesn’t have the effect you were looking for.  This is due to a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that when you’ve built something you can’t see a big picture clearly.

Marketing, in the social media world and in the more traditional sense of the term, is about the big picture. It’s about a thought out campaign, a strategy, knowledge of audiences and platforms.  And as easy as it is for you to talk about your own company, marketing your own company is a different thing altogether.

A great social media marketing company has the experience and knowledge to build and execute an effective campaign that will be unique to you and your brand.  After all, your business isn’t an exact replica of someone else, your marketing shouldn’t be either.  You need a company that can weigh their knowledge of social media platforms with your goals and come up with a strategy that will move you forward on a broader scale.

Another factor is how close to your heart your company is, after all you built it from the ground up.  You’ve put a lot of yourself into this business you’ve created.  While that passion is necessary in running a successful business, it doesn’t have the same place in marketing.  Yes, you want someone that loves your company and believes in your product and service, but you don’t want them to be emotional to criticism. You want to have someone representing your business that is loyal and that you can trust to be a public voice for you, but someone that will handle any issues with a calm head and a cool tone.

Hiring a company to handle the social media and online reputation management of your brand leaves you to focus on growing your company – while trusting that the voice of your business is well represented online.

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