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Should You Post The Same Thing Across All Platforms?

Should You Post The Same Thing Across All Platforms?


Pushing Facebook Posts To Twitter – No No No

For many businesses a big chunk of marketing is done online these days. With a whole range of different social media to keep updated, it can be tempting to post the same content across all of your social media platforms. It’s so easy to link your facebook to twitter and your instagram to facebook – then voila! You post one picture on instagram and it shows up on all three! But this is a mistake. And here’s why…

Each social media platform works in its own, unique way. So you need to make sure that your content works on each platform. So here are some guidelines to help get your content right on the two biggest social media platforms:


Facebook is about who you already now, and strengthening your relationships with them. Use content which will cement that relationship and invite interaction and communication through comments and engagement. You can use an informal tone and try to use other media as well, such as pictures and videos. Keep your posts relatively short, once a day is plenty, have a point, provide clear direction and don’t forget to try to get people to share your content. Facebook is not a live feed so remember, just because you post it in the morning, doesn’t mean it shows up in your fans news feed at the same time.


This is your news feed. It is in real time. Keep your tweets short and sweet, and you can re-tweet the same information as they disappear quickly – although you should try to change the words a little so they don’t appear spammy. As you are limited to the number of characters which you can use ( 140 ), try to keep your tweets short and sweet, but a little more formal. Again, you are looking to get people to share your content, so ask them to, and try to engage with them by asking questions or inviting comments.

For anyone who is using social media to market their business, it is important for them to understand their audience, tailor their social media output accordingly and think about the platform that the content will be published on. This way, you will ensure that you get the maximum effect from your social media platforms.

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