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How SM and PR Can Work Together to Move a Brand Forward.

How SM and PR Can Work Together to Move a Brand Forward.

In an ideal scenario social media marketing and traditional public relations work hand in hand to push your brand to the next level and optimize your reach.  However, it’s not an ideal world and sometimes the relationship between the two takes work and trial and error.  In order for SMM and PR to have a successful relationship for your brand the both must be on the same page to benefit your company.  

social media marketing and PRHaving two powerhouse marketing teams working together means the ability to have traditional media and online media brainstorming ideas to take each to the next level.  It also means during key seasons of marketing every avenue of reaching out to your audience has been discussed and considered to optimize your bottom line and return on investment.

An additional benefit of having both teams work together to promote your brand is dual promotion to push your forward.  There are many ways that social media marketing and traditional PR can cross promote to expand your efforts to reach new potential customers and clients. Social media is the perfect platform to promote print media features, successful celebrity outreach, and events that strengthen the personality of your company.  On the other side of the coin, traditional PR is a great place to reach a new group of potential online followers that want to get to know a company or brand before spending their money.

In order to have a healthy working relationship between both of your teams constant communication, regular brainstorming sessions, and the ability to both be a valued member of your marketing department.



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