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Social Media Day!

Social Media Day!

Many of us remember the days before social media; the days before ICQ, AIM, chat rooms and the iconic ‘You’ve got mail” notification.  Are things better with the addition of social media? Or worse? Does it simplify life, or simply give you more to think about?

Tomorrow is social media day – A day to sort through how society has changed with the addition of social media. As social media becomes more important in our everyday life, it also plays a large part in how the world changes.

A natural disaster strikes, and within moments Facebook pages pop up to aid relief.  In April of 2011 we saw that with the Facebook site Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa.  Some ordinary people did an extraordinary thing because they were equipped with the knowledge of using social media to their advantage.

Someone wants to become a voice of support for those facing a specific mental or physical health problem, and social media allows them to reach thousands in seconds.  A single woman wanting to foster support started  the site Postpartum Progress and it is now a top site for postpartum mood disorders.  She can send a tweet asking for people to show support to someone suffering, and within minutes there are hundreds of tweets and messages of support.

This year we saw how social media can spark a movement in a single push of a button when Kony 2012 sparked a social media frenzy.  Within days a single video was viewed millions of times.  Currently that video has had over 104 million views.  A single video changing the world.

It seems no matter where you look social media has it’s hand in the largest movements and events in the world. But even on a small scale, social media affects our lives daily. We asked people the effect social media had on their life and here were some of the responses:

” Social media allows me to make and maintain important connections, and my world is a richer place for that” – @amybhole

“Social media like Twitter is truly an all-in-one source of information” –Suzanne

“When needing advice about a product or brand, it’s so convenient now-a-days to visit their Facebook page and see what other people have to say about them or their product.” – Hanan 

“…the ability to get a quick set of varied opinions, whether it be about shoe shopping or politics.” –Amy 

“Social media can boost a company to the forefront if used wisely, or can make a company almost extinct if not used at all.” –@DMBastian

It is undeniable that social media has transformed our society completely.  Fostering change,  pushing limits, educating and simply providing endless entertainment.  Utilizing social media properly requires being able to transform gracefully and adapt to new technology.  Go Be Social Media does this and more, if you feel your brand needs someone with that skill set, contact us!


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