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Top 5 Best Instagrammable Spot in Social

Top 5 Best Instagrammable Spot in Social



Let’s be honest, you post an Instagram in hopes of getting #instafamous a.k.a. getting a lot of likes. (Don’t worry, we all do it.) In order to get that epic shot, it’s all about a location that can make your photo pop. Whether you are trying to grow your Instagram following for a small business, blog or you simply just want to be #instafamous, we have you covered. We found the top 5 best Instagrammable spots in SoCal:

  • El Matador State Beach (Malibu, CA) – What screams SoCal? The beach of course! This beach in particular has become a hotspot for many Instagram posts. Engagement photos, model shots, you name it! This beach has jagged rocks, wild surf and cool caves that will make any photo pop!


  • Paul Smith Wall (Melrose Ave., CA) – You’ve probably seen this bright pink wall on your Instagram feed. It’s located on one of LA’s most popular streets and attracts many many tourists.


  • Venice Canals (Venice Beach, CA) – Located in the Canals of Venice beach lies the perfect Instagram shot. Not only is this a great photo op opportunity, Venice beach is also one of SoCal’s top tourist attractions with many fun things to do.


  • Jumbo Rocks-Joshua Tree (Joshua Tree, CA) – The options are endless here in Joshua Tree. Snap a picture and the landscape will speak for itself. 100 plus likes on Instagram is in your future.


  • LA River (Los Angeles, CA) – Name a movie that hasn’t used this spot for their epic car scene. Danny and Sandy ring a bell? This famous spot was home for the movie Grease. Head down and grab a little bit of LA’s history!


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