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Twitter Parties

Twitter Parties

Previously we discussed the basics of Twitter parties, and briefly discussed the reach it can have for your brand.  But there is more to consider when choosing to have a Twitter party, who should host it?  Choosing a twitter personality is the most important step in having a Twitter party for your brand.  You will need someone with experience in hosting online events, who has a strong presence on twitter and who fits the feel of your brand.

When it comes to choosing someone Go Be Social Media believes it isn’t all about the numbers, but the presence on Twitter.  Numbers are part of the picture, but engagement and quality is the other important thing.  When Go Be Social Media picks someone to host a Twitter party for a client, we consider all these qualities.  We understand the magic it takes to find the right person that will not only represent your brand well, but also host an amazing party that will put a brands name in front of millions of eyes.

We always make sure that a host understands the goals of the Twitter party, that they understand the integrity of the brand, and we work hand in hand with them to ensure that the questions asked are relevant and spread more information
about the brand.  We are on hand to answer any questions those attending may have about the brand.  It really is the perfect way to get a brand out in front of an audience that is interested in your type of product or service, as well as a way to get your product into the hands of some of the attendee’s.

Twitter has already proven itself to be a vital instrument in bringing a brand into the face of a potential client.  Twitter parties are just another tool that can be vital in growing that online community, helping your brand to grow and thrive during the process.


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