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How to Use Pinterest for Business.

How to Use Pinterest for Business.

Chances are that you use Pinterest all the time. There’s an even greater chance that your business doesn’t use it at all. Big mistake. Pinterest is an underrated social platform that could take your business to the next level, if used correctly and strategically.


If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website and attract a new demographic of customers, keep reading.


Before your business can know how to use Pinterest for its benefit, first you must know why Pinterest is valuable in general. Primarily, Pinterest users are people who are specifically looking to plan something, buy something, or do something…but not just anything. These individuals are looking for new ideas, creative inspiration, or unique suggestions. What does that really mean? MONEY. Money is most likely to be spent, IF a good idea is presented. And with the amount of content on Pinterest, someone’s idea will likely stick out. But will it be yours?


Next, nail down what your business has to offer. Are you offering products or ideas? Do you have a store or a blog? Do you have both? These are all important questions to answer yourself, so that you can create a page that represents your brand and your services accurately.


Thirdly, know your audience. Duh. The demographic on Pinterest is quite diverse; however, the majority of its users are women, ages 40 and younger. So once you know what your business wants to offer Pinterest, cultivate a message that speaks to and attracts this audience specifically.


Finally, give the people what they want. That means one, know what is already popular and two, make this an easy app for people to use. The most successful pins are “how-to’s” and infographics. Most Pinterest users come to the app to get answers to questions or ideas that they couldn’t come up with themselves. Be educational, while also being entertaining and visually appealing. (Speaking of visuals, be sure to size your graphics to the proper Pinterest dimensions).


It’s crucial to be user-friendly. Make use of Pinterest features that make searching, finding, and pinning your content easy. For example, caption your content clearly—stating what your pin is about and what the user will find when redirected to your page. Once the user is redirected to your page, be sure to add a Pin It button and a Follow button to your site, to avoid a back-and-forth debacle. Don’t forget to also add Rich Pins to your posts, that make knowing the details of your post even easier. If you’re selling a t-shirt, insert a Product Pin of the price. If you’re offering a recipe, insert a Recipe Pin of the all ingredients. You see where I’m going with this?


In a nutshell, that’s the gist of using Pinterest for business. Be sure to pay attention to your analytics after you’ve been posting content for a while. This information can help you and your business revise your strategy and measure its success. Make the most out of this app, and create a page that is full of your unique ideas.


Once you’re done with it, Pinterest will open up a whole new world of consumerism and creativity.

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