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What are Snapchat Filters?

What are Snapchat Filters?

One of our favorite social media platforms, Snapchat! Have you heard of it? It’s only the hottest new platform where you can post videos and pictures and see how many people have viewed it. IT’S AWESOME. But it get’s better, they have filters! Filters? Oh yes. These filters add a unique touch and can make you look pretty even when you just woke up! Sorry, Kylie Jenner we know your secret now. So how does this work? Well let us explain.


Thanks to Snapchat, you can now be a puppy. One of my favorite filters if I do say so myself. When you open the app, make sure the camera is facing you and if you hold down on your screen, it detects your face and on the bottom of your screen you see a bunch of different circles with filters in them. Start selecting some and see the magic for yourself.


Here are some of the top snapchat filters:

  1. The Cute Puppy Face
  2. Wrinkly Face
  3. The Face without a Nose
  4. The Nerd Face
  5. The Bug Eye Face
  6. The Drag Queen
  7. The Soft Skin Filter
  8. Friend Face Swap
  9. Rainbow Vomit
  10. The Coachella Flower Crown


Some of these filters ALSO have sound effects. Yes, it just got better. We would like to personally thank Snapchat for making our social media world a better place.


We highly encourage you to download snapchat and join in on the fun. Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself.

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