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So What’s the Difference Between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page?

So What’s the Difference Between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page?

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There is no question that Facebook dominates the social media scene, year after year. With over 71% of online adults having their own Facebook profile, it boasts the highest user numbers vs. any other social media platform out there. Even still, there are many people unaware of the capabilities available to them with the Facebook ‘Page’ option. So, what is a Facebook Page, and how does it differ from the basic Facebook Profile?

Well, in short, a Profile is for a person and a Page is for a company. With a Profile, other users must request to be your friend (and then you have to accept them) before they receive content from you in their news feeds. A Page, however, requires a user to hit a button labeled “Like,” and content will start to be visible on his or her news feed.

Another fundamental difference is that a Profile is initially created using an individual’s personal information, whereas, a Page must be created through one of those existing accounts. After that, other individuals may be added as Administrators or ‘Admin’, through their respective existing accounts, and given the ability to make posts and contribute to the Page, (making it a great platform for collaboration).

Entities that benefit most from having a Facebook Page, for example, include businesses (small and large), products, brands, and celebrities or public figures.

Having a Page rather than a Profile equips Facebook users with unique features such as the ability to pay extra to boost certain posts, run Facebook ads, create a “Call-to-Action,” and schedule things in advance to be posted at a later time. It also offers individualized insights such as a drop-down menu for Statistics that reveals how many people are reached by posts made by the Page, how many people engaged with them, and how that data stacks up against the data from previous days and weeks.

Do you have something you’d like to promote via a Facebook page? Sign up for a page and click around to see for yourself!

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