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Why Having A Facebook Page Doesn’t Matter

Why Having A Facebook Page Doesn’t Matter


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Kids have Facebook. Parents have Facebook. Even Grandparents have Facebook.

So why doesn’t a Facebook page matter for a business? Quite simply, because everyone has one. A stat from last summer from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg told investors that 11 million businesses are using Facebook Pages. She also said that “hundreds of thousands” businesses buy advertising on Facebook. Wow.

You don’t need a Facebook page. You need THE Facebook page.

In order to be successful, a Facebook page first needs to get noticed. This may seem daunting when you consider the scope of the Internet. After all, how can a Facebook page get noticed in a sea of similar pages? In the same way that people get noticed: by having something compelling about them, but more importantly, by having something to offer. It might be humor, it might be social connection, it might be a feeling of greatness or charisma, but there is something that’s there that they can give.

Once one person thinks someone is great and has something to offer, they’ll introduce friends to them. Then their friends will introduce other friends to them. This happens over and over, and the circle of friends expands, interconnects, and grows.

I hate to bring politics into it but this, but this is how senators are made. Actually, this is how presidents are made.

So what does any of this have to do with creating a successful Facebook page? Because successful Facebook pages are social. Facebook pages may sell goods or services, but the thing that really gets people coming back are the social connections that people can make through them.

People want to see what friends and fellow businesses are saying. They want to see what people are doing. A good Facebook page, and the successful Facebook pages of the future, will function like a charismatic friend, bringing people into its group and connecting people with similar interests to each other.

If you are a business owner, you’re already halfway to facilitating this connection and profiting from it. The customers or fan base of your business share a common interest in what you have to offer, and probably share a number of other interests as well. They just need someone to introduce them to each other.

That’s where your Facebook business page comes in, and that’s how Go Be Social Media, LLC can help.

Go Be Social Media, LLC can be the invisible friend that helps your company’s Facebook page become more charismatic. Your Facebook page retains all of its character; we just spruce it up and give it a few new elements that help capture your fan’s interests and keeps them coming back for more. We do this by providing creative content to your existing Facebook page that transforms it into a focus of social interaction for your fans. After we create these add-ons, your fans can then interact, engage and do business with your business while telling others about the services or product you offer.

Social media is becoming increasingly relevant to businesses with an online presence and will be absolutely critical in the near future for any viable business venture. In ten years, it’s almost certain that no business or person will be able to successfully operate online without a significant social presence.

So how do you know you have a successful facebook page?

How do you know if your facebook page matters?

Is it social?

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