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5 Ways You Can Go Green in March

5 Ways You Can Go Green in March

Happy March! We are three months into the year, and you have to admit that 2018 is moving at a swift pace.


Go Be Social Media has taken 2018 by storm and declared it a year full of being “real”. If you have been following our accounts closely so far, we have made every month a theme to encourage self-growth, set intentions, and make purposeful changes in our lives. January was “Go Be Real”, where we made it our goal to defy the social media standards and show off our realest and most authentic selves—unfiltered, uncut, and relatable. February was “Go Be Loving”, because although Valentine’s Day is great, everyone should love and be loved on the daily.


March is a new month.  And if you have not guessed it already, in alignment with St. Patrick’s Day, we have made March a month to “Go Be Green”.


Surely, being green can mean several different things. Going green can of course mean celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but it can also mean being more eco-friendly, cutting back on expenses, or finally starting that New Year’s Resolution diet you promised yourself. Whether your goal is the latter, the former, or somewhere in between, we have 5 ways to go about this month’s mantra, Go Be Green:


    1. Save on water and energy.

    Go green in more ways than one by saving on water and energy, and thus some money in your wallet too. Unplugging your appliances when not in use is an easy, no-brainer way to save energy. Yet, it is a common habit to leave things not only plugged in at all times, but sometimes even turned on. If this habit is too hard to break, try appliances that turn off automatically after an hour, or a smart power strip that cuts “phantom use”. Also, try washing your clothes in cold water as much as possible. The washer machine uses a significant amount of energy to just heat the water. Lastly, saving on water will do your utilities bill wonders. Taking shorter showers will lower your water and heating bill, and installing faucet aerators throughout your home can help conserve heat and water, without compromising water pressure.


    1. Introduce some greens at least once a day.

    We have found that starting your day with something like a smoothie packed with greens and fruits is refreshing and boosts energy. And by starting the day off that way, you can scratch one goal off your list of to-do’s right away. While you’re at it, try adding one meatless meal a week to your diet. We know what you’re thinking–maybe going vegan is just not your cup of joe. However, you do not have to go all out; you can still enjoy the foods that you love 6 days out of the week. But keep in mind, as you cut out meat more and more, you are saving up on a big chunk of your grocery store bill. We are not here to advise a diet plan for you, but going meatless can be the change that encourages you to introduce new vegetables, fruits, beans, etc. that you may have never tried before.


    1. Walk or bike to work or school!

    We know, it’s been a bit of a longer winter. But March 20th marks the first day of spring and we are looking forward to better and brighter days ahead. It could be time to take the bike out of the shed and wipe away the dust. Get your exercise, save money off gas, and help out the environment. Every small effort counts.


    1. Start spring cleaning.

    Along with the upcoming warmer spring days, also means spring cleaning. Online shopping has taken off, enabling those bad habits of getting lost on our phones and laptops through hours of scrolling, while in the comfort of our beds. Does anyone even go to the mall anymore? Regardless, while online shopping is freely and easily accessible by the mere clicks of a few buttons on your “always-handy” cell phone, so are new apps that can make you some money instead. That’s right, we mean by selling your belongings. Clean out the closet and rid yourself of clutter for the new season. Try the apps: Let Go, Depop, Poshmark, etc., and have fun!


    1. Borrow before buying.

    Next time you find yourself in need of a particular power tool or appliance, or even a book or movie, try to borrow from someone before heading to Target. Ask your family and friends, get to know your neighbors, and while you’re at it, tell everyone about going green this month!


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