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It’s a Match: Branding + E-Commerce

It’s a Match: Branding + E-Commerce

It’s a Match: Branding + E-Commerce

Let’s face it: the shopping market has adjusted. Customers have the ease of purchase with just one simple click. This means that retailers need to acclimate to this market evolution. Social shopping is peaking while platforms (such as Instagram) are monetizing on this social shift.

The Shift Is Real

Whether out of convenience or laziness, the online market has exceeded in-store shopping. In fact, 68% of us do our shopping online. This explains why 3,800 stores were expected to close their doors in 2018. There is no need for brick and mortar stores when social media has risen to the occasion and taken e-commerce to the next level.

Social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, have altered the customer experience to fit the demands of shopping on a handheld device. This shift from in-store shopping to online shopping (specially on smartphones) means companies are amping up their branding through their social presence. In fact, more than 25 million businesses have Instagram accounts— four in five Instagram users follow at least one business.

Instagram and Facebook have taken advantage of businesses’ social presence by adapting their application through shopping-friendly means. Now, users can shop directly from an image presented on their feed. Brands can tag posts with products and prices and additionally implement product stickers to Instagram stories. There is less of a purchase path and an ease of checkout.


So, just what is going to make users stop scrolling and decide to purchase through a third-party app?

Be The Scrolling Stopper

Branding your company through the lens of your target audience is the first essential step in successful online sales. In order to draw in transactions, you must ask: Who is your target? What demographic are you appealing to? What type of content will attract your audience?

There are a couple branding tactics that have proven success time & time again.

  • Stick to a consistent content theme
    • Colors, filters and logos are all cohesive
  • Stick to a schedule
    • Post frequently
  • Engage with your followers and fans
    • Check your DMs and respond to comments within a 24-hour window
  • Don’t shy away from popular hashtags
    • Make sure your hashtags are relevant to your brand
  • Engage with likeminded accounts to build brand awareness
    • Repost, comment & like!

Pay close attention to your Instagram Insights (these are available once you’ve reached 100 followers). Your followers’ demographic, age and gender are all available here. You will also find the most active time users spend on the app; we suggest posting at that time to ensure overarching success and engagement.

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Marketing Magic

Influencer marketing and paid campaigns are on the rise. It is predicated in 2019 that a mass amount of money will be poured into social media influencers and micro-influencers. These social savvy bloggers have a major impact on e-commerce; they are real-life advertisements for your products! They extend far beyond the screen.

So yes— product giveaways may be pricey at first, but ultimately leverage sales and brand awareness.

Branding your company is all about creating emotions; causing customers to feel embraced, connected and enlightened by your brand so much so that action is taken. Whether through a like, comment, DM or purchase, marketing your company through a unique yet intentionally-effective lens can have a huge impact on brand awareness and e-sales.

Let us take your brand voice and do the work for you!

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Blog post written by Go Be Social Media senior copy editor, Emily Moore. Featuring A Token Of— a modern locket collection with charitable proceeds. 

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