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Pinterest is one of the hottest social media tools out right now. It allows people to share ideas, posts, websites, photos and quotes with the world…with little effort. And is beginning to surpass Facebook with it's ability to drive traffic. With just a click of...

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Twitter Parties

Previously we discussed the basics of Twitter parties, and briefly discussed the reach it can have for your brand.  But there is more to consider when choosing to have a Twitter party, who should host it?  Choosing a twitter personality is the most important step...

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Blog Conference Sponsorship’s

The community of blogging is ever evolving. Many bloggers these days are suave business women and men. They enjoy their craft and they work hard to improve it when they can. But they are also a voice that many business and brands are learning is...

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All About Facebook.

There are many social media outlets out there these days, and it seems like every time we log onto our computer another way to network and socialize online is starting up.  There is almost no way to know what the first was, or how many...

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What is a Twitter party?

Twitter's platform has allowed a unique, if not unplanned, feature of Twitter parties.  A Twitter party is simply a virtual, yet very fast paced, party.  If there's something that can be discussed, there can be a Twitter party about it.  In recent months the number...

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