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Superbowl Sunday: Follow Your Team

  It’s that time of year again – that time that where people come together around bowls of cheese dips and chicken wings to watch the Super Bowl. This is the 50th Super Bowl, and we can all agree that at the very least the commercials...

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The Truth About: Cyberbullying

There’s a dark side to social media that touches half of today’s teenagers:  bullying.  It’s shocking to know that 25% of teens have reported that they have been exposed to repeat bullied through an online platform or cell phone , and over 50% report that...

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F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out)

We are becoming more and more aware of the issues and dangers with the use of social media in our younger generations.  It’s no longer an issue of direct online bullying that causes concern, there are more passive issues that haunt the online social networks...

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Follow The Candidates On Social Media

Anyone interested in following the 2016 campaigns for POTUS can't go wrong by keeping these Twitter handles and Facebook page links close to hand. This is the election social media might have an unprecedented impact. For casual observers of the election fanfare, Facebook is the...

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