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Women and Social Media

Women and Social Media

women in social mediaAny marketing or advertising professional will tell you that one of the most important things a brand can do is to know their target audience. While every platform is different, when it comes to today’s social media world as a whole, Beyonce said it best – “Who runs the world? GIRLS.”

An overwhelming 86% of North American women have at least one social media account, with the average number of accounts being 2.2 per person. These women spend an average of 12 hours a week utilizing social media.

Not only are almost all women on social media today, but they are also currently dominating five out of the six main social media platforms. Of all the adult internet users in the United States, women are leading the men on Facebook (76% to 66%), Tumblr (54% to 46%), Pinterest (33% to 8%), Twitter (18% to 17%), and Instagram (20% to 15%). The only major social media platform still primarily used by men is LinkedIn.

So women have a significant presence on social media. The numbers don’t lie. Now if you are a company or brand wanting to grow your business via social media (and let’s face it, you should want that), you have to be asking yourself, “what do all these numbers mean for me?”. Maybe this next set of numbers can answer that question.

NINETY-ONE PERCENT of women think that advertisers and brands don’t understand them. What’s more is that women are responsible for 85% of ALL consumer purchases, including cars and healthcare. In other words, women are most likely the ones buying your product and thusly the ones supporting your brand. Since they hold the purchasing power, these women are more likely to interact with your brand via social media and they’re most likely doing it via a mobile device.

Know that you know the statistics, the questions must change. Do you have a responsive website that adapts to the device it is being used on? Are you present and ACTIVE on all social media platforms? Are your graphics bright and appealing? If not, there’s a good chance that your customers aren’t happy. And as the old saying goes, “When Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy.”

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