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Turning Your Social Media Followers Into Brand Representatives

Turning Your Social Media Followers Into Brand Representatives

Your social media following, if used correctly is a goldmine for sales in your business. Seventy-Four percent of customers say that it is word of mouth that helps influence customers and businesses. Word of mouth marketing has grown drastically over social media. Customers now have a worldwide stage to voice their opinions and these opinions can have a positive or negative affect on your business. With fear of being publicly shamed on social media, we need to find a way of creating positive content to turn your followers into your brand representatives. Lets start by following these simple tips: 


  • Create creative content with beautiful images.
  • Respond, respond, respond. Engagement is HUGE.
  • Give them credit. Everyone loves 15 minutes of fame
  • Give rewards. Customers will be more encouraged to share news about you if they will reap awards out of it.
  • Follow up with your customers. Create a relationship online.


If you follow these simple steps, you are on the right path to gaining brand ambassadors. It may take a lot of time and dedication but you know what they say, great things don’t happen over night.


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